Bautista Kociubinski gave the victory to Estudiantes Reserve

The midfielder scored the only goal of the game against central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero. Also, Franco Romero was a starter in the game.

The divisional Student Reserve played this Friday the match for the 6th round of the League Cup against Central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero and won all three points thanks to a goal by Bautista Kociubinski.

The goal came after 33 minutes of the complementary time, after a right corner executed by Franco Romero, which the midfielder intercepted with his head, leaving the rival goalkeeper without a chance.

Both Kociubinski and Romero are Junot Agency players and both played the match fully.

It is worth noting that the game began to be played in the morning, but it had to be suspended in the first half due to an invasion of wasps and it continued in the afternoon.

Photo: Estudiantes de La Plata