Two goals scored by Mateo Retegui in Talleres´s victory

The forward scored the second and third goals for the Cordoba team who beat Rosario Central 4-1.

Talleres continues winning in the Argentine First Division tournament; this time it was 4 to 1 against Rosario Central in Córdoba and Mateo Retegui was one of the team’s figures scoring two goals.

The goals of the forward, who belongs to Boca Juniors and is on loan to the Cordoba team until December, were in the first half.

The first one was 40 minutes into the first half with the head after a cross sent from the left. The second one, when two minutes of the added time were played, with the right leg. Both appearing alone at the far post.

With these goals, the 22-year-old reached three goals in the championship. The previous goal was against Unión de Santa Fe.

Congratulations Mateo!