Romero scored in the victory of the Estudiantes Reserve

Pincha's number 10 scored the first goal in the 2-1 win over Defensa and Justicia. In addition, he was key in the second goal.

With a goal and an assist, Franco Romero was decisive in the victory of the Estudiantes Reserve against Defensa y Justicia by 2 to 1 in Florencio Varela in the game corresponding to Date 16.

At 24 minutes into the first half, they converted a penalty and he opened the scoring with a shot to the right of the rival goalkeeper.

But when it seemed that the match ended tied in one, with his shoot he was key to give the victory to those led by Pablo Quatrocchi who are leading the tournament.

Three minutes into the time added in the complement, he executed a corner from the left and Santiago Núñez converted it into a goal.

With this goal, he reached four in the tournament. He had already converted two to Central Córdoba and the remaining one to Arsenal.

Congratulations Rome!