Platense and Estudiantes reach a new agreement for Iván Gómez

The midfielder will remain on loan until December this year at El Calamar.

Iván Gómez was one of Platense’s high points in the last tournament, he played 23 of 25 games, scored one goal and for that reason the institution of Vicente López made a new agreement with Estudiantes, the owner of his pass.

El Calamar and El León agreed on a loan agreement for the midfielder. El Marrón, paid a fee, secured the player until December 2022 and set an option to buy 50% of his pass.

In addition, Estudiantes will no longer be able to buy him back in every transfer market, as agreed in the first loan last year.

Congratulations Iván! We are proud of you and proud to accompany you in your professional career.